Our Training and Development Policy

IPM Ltd recognises that effective training and development offers benefits to the individual and the organisation as a whole, which ultimately contribute to the achievement of our company and staff objectives. These benefits include:

  • higher standards of work performance
  • greater understanding and appreciation of factors affecting work performance
  • sharing of ideas and good practice
  • effective management and implementation of change
  • encouragement of team spirit
  • increased motivation and job satisfaction for the individual
  • greater understanding of IPM Ltd business.

IPM Ltd aims to ensure that:

  • its stated objectives are met
  • each member of staff understands what his or her work role involves
  • each person is developed to enable them to achieve their work objectives
  • staff are prepared and equipped to deal with changes in IPM Ltd
  • lifelong learning is supported and encouraged for all staff.

IPM Ltd is committed, through its performance review process, to the creation of training and development opportunities for all staff and will work to ensure equality of opportunity across all training and development activity. Equal opportunities will be monitored specifically.

IPM Ltd will monitor and evaluate training and development activity so as to continually learn and improve provision. All staff are expected to participate in the evaluation of training and development.

Printable Version

You can download & print a PDF version of our quality policy here.