Our Environment Policy

Integrated Pest Management Ltd recognises that environmental issues are of fundamental importance in a successful and responsible business strategy and are committed to environmental protection. To this end we have achieved ISO 14001 thus demonstrating our commitment to environmental issues and are constantly looking at alternate pest prevention / control techniques that reduce the amount of pesticides with an aim of creating a balanced environment through a greener image.

We will take any reasonable practicable steps to prevent, minimise or render harmless the effect of operations, activities and products on the environment.

In accordance with this, environmental matters shall be considered when planning job procedures. Only such processes with the minimum of environmental impact shall be undertaken.

All pesticides utilised by IPM Ltd are approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations and used in accordance with these regulations, and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation.

We support actions such as the Montreal Protocol, the Rio Earth Summit and the Kyoto Enterprise to prevent or minimise activities which may affect global temperatures, lead to depletion of the ozone layer, produce acid rain or otherwise disrupt and exhaust the earths life support systems.

Integrated Pest Management Ltd undertakes to train and educate its workforce in the relevant aspects of environmental best practices.

It is a condition of employment that all employees of IPM Ltd comply with this Policy at all times.


As a committed and responsible employer to its moral and statutory obligations, Integrated Pest Management Ltd has formulated an Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and Management System. This policy and system is reviewed and updated as often as it is required in the light of changing legislation and work scope.

Printable Version

You can download & print a PDF version of our environmental policy here.