Is Your Property Rat Proof?

They are without doubt one of the most unpopular pests anywhere in the world. Their ability to cause chaos by spreading disease and causing extensive damage ensures that the presence of rats in any location is a cause for major concern. Shocking Stories It is a regular occurrence nowadays to open the paper or put [...]

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Gang of rats gangs up on terrified kids and surrounds them on playground.

Rats are a time honoured issue within England and a recent story highlighted the fact this issue could actually be escalating rather receding. Reported rat sightings in a seaside resort have leapt 50% – 206 to 304 – in the past year since the town hall scrapped a free pest control service for homes A [...]

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Invasion of the Super Rats!!

The presence of rats is enough to send a shiver down the spine of even the most fearless person. Can you imagine then finding one of these monsters in or around your property??? Super rats measuring a FOOT long infest houses after council bosses axe pest control team Hundreds of mutant rodents leave terrified families [...]

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Winter Rat Control

  Unfortunately, just because winter is coming, it does not mean that we are free from the threat of pests. Many pests, and rodents in particular, aim to move inside during the cold weather in search of food and warmth, and therefore pose an equally potent threat during the cold winter months. If you are [...]

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Middlesex Rat Control

At IPM Ltd, we offer the premier levels of Middlesex Rat Control has to offer, to help neutralize any existing rat infestations and wherever possible stop them appearing in the first place. Common Pest Rats are extremely common throughout many areas of the County and can usually be found living outdoors or underground in urban sewers. [...]

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