Say Goodbye to Pigeon Trouble

Pigeon netting offers one of the most effective, humane and commonly used methods for preventing pigeons from roosting or nesting in urban areas. If installed correctly, pigeon netting will last for a significant period of time whilst remaining almost invisible from the ground at all times. Exceptional Success Rate At IPM Pest Control, pigeon netting is [...]

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Making Sure Your Road Doesn’t Turn Into Pigeon Street!

For many years, we at IPM Pest Control have been effectively tackling all types of bird problems and infestations, most commonly pigeons and gulls, but also starlings, geese and crows. We are delighted to have established a first class reputation for providing a professional and comprehensive bird control service, tailor-made to meet the needs of yourself and [...]

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Pigeons Disrupting Exams!! Whatever Next??

Pigeons are pests which have divided opinion for many years. Whilst some people view pigeons as their feathered friends, many others view them as nothing more that disease spreading 'flying rats'. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall, there can be little doubt regarding their potential to cause problems. Despite the fact that [...]

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Pigeon Cleaning Essex

Pigeons have the ability in particular can leave a significant amount of waste (also known as guano) which is dangerous, unsightly and poses major health and safety implications if left unchecked. Due to these significant risks, IPM offer the premier level of pigeon cleaning London has to offer to ensure that the risks are removed. Removal [...]

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Pigeon Control London

Pigeons are vermin and carry a variety of diseases and pigeon mess is a particular problem, especially in London. The droppings are acidic so that they not only disfigure buildings but can actually attack and damage building materials such as stone and brickwork. Gutters and drain pipes may become blocked, leading to flooding and associated [...]

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