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Pest Proofing London

On completion of our comprehensive baiting programme, Integrated Pest Management Ltd offer an after care pest proofing service which has been designed to deny rodents further ingress into your property. This service is widely regarded to be the most reliable pest proofing London has to offer. The service is conducted following a comprehensive procedure to [...]

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London Pest Control

IPM Ltd provide superior level of customer service and offer a continued commitment to deliver swift acting and long lasting results throughout London. The premier standard of London pest control is available to clients throughout both commercial and residential sectors and is implemented by our regionally located team of diligent and fully qualified pest control technicians. [...]

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Rat Control Essex

Such are the number of rats throughout the world, there is a school of thought we states that we are 'never further than 6 feet away from a rat'! Significant Threat to Public Health Rats can be found throughout many areas of Essex and can often be found living outdoors or in underground sewers and [...]

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Wasp Control London

The dangers of uncontrolled wasp nests were illustrated in the most horrendous way possible  earlier this week with the tragic events that took place in Essex. This terrible story emphasizes the fact that wasps are not only a pest but also have the potential to be very dangerous if they become aggravated. If a [...]

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Wasp Control Middlesex

As the summer reaches its peak, the prospect of having our lives or businesses disrupted by the presence of wasps is at its very highest. Effective wasp control is therefore extremely important because leaving wasp nests uncontrolled around your property or garden can ensure that the affected area becomes a virtual no go area for you. [...]

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