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Contract Pest Control Middlesex

If you are looking for the premier standard of contract pest control Middlesex has to offer, look no further than IPM Ltd. IPM offer the premier levels of contract pest control to effectively protect your business and premises from these many serious threats. Effectively Combat Threats Posed to Businesses Pests pose a wide range of [...]

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London Rat Control

Rats are all too common in London, living mainly outdoors or underground in urban sewers. Due to their living conditions and eating habits, rats carry a number of diseases and threats to human health. As well as this, they are also capable of gnawing through cables and in today's environment of data networks and telecommunications, [...]

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Bed Bug Control Middlesex

Unless you get rid of pests such as bed bugs effectively you will find that they stick around for a while, and the longer the stay it normally means the worse they get, through breeding and reproducing most pests will more than double in a matter of day. Bed bugs are extremely very unpleasant parasitic [...]

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Bed Bug Removal London

Beds bugs are without doubt one of the most unpleasant household pests to infest dwellings. Fortunately help is at hand in the form of the most effective bed bug removal London has to offer from IPM Pest Control. Successful Removal of a Bed Bug Infestations If you have or suspect your house or property has been [...]

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Mouse Control London

With winter now upon us, vigilance in regards to pests moving into our homes from outside to combat the cold needs to be at its highest. We specialise in the effective removal of all pests and in particular rodents such as mice and Rats. Although often thought of as furry and cute, they are even [...]

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