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German Cockroach Problems?

German Roaches are the most widespread and difficult cockroaches to control. Few pests conjure up such strong feelings of distress, embarrassment and disgust as do cockroaches. Chemical control seems the obvious solution, and is still a common sight. This method is not always necessary as some domestic cockroach problems can be controlled without reliance on [...]

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Things That Bite in the Night!

Bed bugs are small crawling parasitic insects that have quickly become one of the most persistent pest problems.  A combination of being very easily spread yet quite complicated to treat has seen outbreaks take place throughout the UK. For obvious reasons a bed bug infestation can prove to be a serious issue for any business [...]

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Are Rats Really Everywhere?

A combination of an ever growing population, along with more and more food retail premises opening up, the presence of rats is becoming ever more formidable. Often thought of as an urban myth, it is actually a fact that no matter where you are, you will never be further than 4 feet from a rat. [...]

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Contract Pest Control Kent

To help ensure that businesses are able to meet their responsibilities, IPM Pest Control offer a comprehensive pest control service including identification, eradication, control, advice and monitoring to prevent infestation for clients in all areas of Kent. Choose IPM Pest Control The risks involved with pests in the work place should not be treated lightly. [...]

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Contract Pest Control Essex

The implementation of effective pest control solutions are vital for companies wishing to comply with current pest control legislation. Rodents, insects and pest birds can pose a strong health and safety risk to any business and many pests carry harmful bacteria and disease that can put your employees and customers at risk. IPM Pest Control offer a cost [...]

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