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Commercial Pest Control and How It Relates to You

When the phrase ‘commercial pest control’ comes into conversation, the thought inevitably turns to food safety. Quite rightly, people deserve to be confident that the food that they are putting in their mouth will not make them ill & this is where effective commercial pest control methods come into their own. A wide variety of [...]

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Prevention Rather Than Cure

Upon completion of a pest control project, IPM Pest Control offer an after care pest proofing service which has been designed to deny rodents further ingress into your property. How and why do the mice get into my property? Rodents, much like humans like to be warm, dry and have a possible regular food source. [...]

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5 Common UK Pests

Whilst the UK remains relatively safe from some of the more exotic pests which plague other parts of the world, we are still faced with a c constant battle against a number of resilient pests (even during the winter months). Dealing with issues such as wasps nests and bees are very much seasonal, there are [...]

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5 Reasons To Choose Humane Pest Control Methods

Welcome to IPM Pest Control, the number one provider of pest control in the South East. Not only do we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of pest control solutions, we also place a very strong focus on ensuring that all of our pest control measures are humane. To help you understand why we [...]

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Saying Goodbye to Guano!

A recent story on the BBC's website highlighted just how troublesome and potentially dangerous guano (bird droppings) can be. Rome is facing a "guano alarm" as millions of starlings leave the city covered in a thick layer of droppings, Italian media report. Some four million starlings annually overwinter in the capital, but this year spending [...]

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