BPCA Members London

IPM Pest Control are fully certified BPCA (British Pest Control Association) Members. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is non-profit based organisation which represents the interests and development of its members and acts on behalf of the entire pest management industry within the UK. Promoting Excellent Standards of Professionalism The British Pest Control Association places [...]

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Mouse Control London

With winter now upon us, vigilance in regards to pests moving into our homes from outside to combat the cold needs to be at its highest. We specialise in the effective removal of all pests and in particular rodents such as mice and Rats. Although often thought of as furry and cute, they are even [...]

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Pigeon Cleaning London

Birds in general & pigeons in particular can leave a significant amount of waste which is dangerous, unsightly and has major implications in regards to health and safety. Environmental Issues Unfortunately the presence of pest birds such as pigeons in a particular area, creates a number of environmental and health and safety issues which must be [...]

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Commercial Bird Control Middlesex

The implementation of the effective commercial bird control in Middlesex is absolutely vital if you wish to ensure avoidance from the costly and hazardous damage that can be caused by uncontrolled pest bird activity in your area. Effective Bird Control Methods Due to the success rates at IPM Pest Control, requests for the leading standard [...]

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Pest Proofing London

On completion of our comprehensive baiting programme, Integrated Pest Management Ltd offer an after care pest proofing service which has been designed to deny rodents further ingress into your property. This service is widely regarded to be the most reliable pest proofing London has to offer. The service is conducted following a comprehensive procedure to [...]

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