Middlesex Rat Control

At IPM Ltd, we offer the premier levels of Middlesex Rat Control has to offer, to help neutralize any existing rat infestations and wherever possible stop them appearing in the first place. Common Pest Rats are extremely common throughout many areas of the County and can usually be found living outdoors or underground in urban sewers. [...]

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Residential Pest Control London

There are a wide range of household pests such as wasps, moths, mice, flies, rats and bed bugs that have the ability to spread disease and damage your property if they are left uncontrolled. If left untreated, household pests, and pests in general, can breed quickly and the problem has the potential to grow at [...]

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How Do I Get Rid of a Wasps Nest?

At IPM Pest Control, we specialise in the removal of wasp nests throughout the London area and many areas of the South East. Wasp Behaviour At the start of each Spring, Queen wasps will begin to emerge from hibernation to establish nests within lofts, wall cavities, garages, sheds and even in external areas such as trees and [...]

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What Makes IPM Pest Control Different?

We understand that we work in a very competitive market. There are numerous different pest control companies based throughout the UK who promise the world. Can they deliver though, that is the question. At IPM Pest Control, we operate with a very simple philosophy: to treat every client with the respect that they deserve; to [...]

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Contract Pest Control London

Welcome to IPM Pest Control. We are an expert pest control company based in London covering many areas of the South East. We are a proud member of the (BPCA) British Pest Control Association and are the (CHAS) Contractors Health and Safety accredited, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of quality service and [...]

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