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Brighton Pigeon Control

Pigeons are known throughout the world as carriers of disease and as such should not be left uncontrolled. If you are based in or around the Brighton area and are experiencing any problems with pigeons, IPM Pest Control offer the premier level of Brighton pigeon control has to offer. Substantial Damage Caused The droppings left [...]

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Construction Pigeon Control

The implementation of beneficial construction pigeon control solutions are essential if you wish to steer clear of the very expensive damage that could be a result of uncontrolled pigeon activity in your area. Complete Variety of Services Utilizing our in-house installation service teams, IPM Pest Control offer a full and thorough service managing all aspects [...]

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Construction Bird Control

The application of effective construction bird control procedures are required if you wish to prevent the costly damage which may be the result of uncontrolled pest bird activity in your area. Humane Pigeon Management Methods Due to the success rates at IPM Pest Control, demands for construction bird control strategies are becoming increasingly popular. Products [...]

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Pigeon Cleaning

Birds in general & pigeons in particular can leave a significant amount of waste which is dangerous, unsightly and has major implications in regards to health and safety. Environmental Issues Unfortunately the presence of pest birds such as pigeons in a particular area, creates a number of environmental and health and safety issues which must be [...]

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Facilities Management Pigeon Control

IPM Pest Control provide exceptional quality pigeon control solutions to facilities management companies throughout the South East of England. Outsource Pigeon Control By choosing IPM Pest Control to provide your pigeon control work, you will have 24 hour access to our team of expert technicians who will be able to ensure that all of your [...]

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