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Bird Deterrents London

The use of the most effective bird deterrents London has to offer is crucial if you wish to avoid the costly damage that can be caused by uncontrolled pest bird activity in your area. Bird netting & bird spikes are two of the most popular and effective methods of controlling bird activity by ensuring they are [...]

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Bird Spikes London

Bird spikes are widely known to act as one of the most effective forms of bird deterrent by ensuring the birds are unable to land in or above the areas that they cause the most amount of damage. Often described as the most effective type of stand-alone bird deterrent, bird spikes can be placed along ledges, walls, on [...]

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Seagull Deterrents Brighton

At IPM Pest Control we manufacture and supply many types of the most effective seagull deterrents Brighton has to offer including specially designed seagull spikes for flat roofs and ledges and gull spikes specifically designed for roof ridges and chimneys. All of the most effective seagull deterrents Brighton has to offer are used to prevent seagulls landing on [...]

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Commercial Pigeon Control London

The implementation of the most effective commercial pigeon control London has to offer is crucial if you wish to avoid the costly damage that can be caused by uncontrolled pigeon activity in your area. Humane Pigeon Control Methods Due to the success rates at IPM Pest Control, requests for the leading standard of commercial pigeon control London [...]

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Pigeon Proofing London

Referred to be some as "rats with wings", pigeons pose a significant problem to properties and businesses in towns and cities throughout the Country. A number of options exist to ensure that pigeons do not adversely affect your property and at IPM Pest Control we specialise in providing a range of effective and long lasting [...]

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