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Avishock For Humane Bird Control

Avishock is an innovative and revolutionary new bird deterrent. Through the implementation of minimum visibility protection in almost any location, Avishock is proven to be highly effective against all species of pest bird. Just as bird spikes, bird nets and bird wire are proven not to harm birds, Avishock is also a humane bird control [...]

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Not All Birds Are Pests

We all know how many problems uncontrolled pest birds can control but there are some birds out there which are not pest and must be looked after. The story below illustrates just such an occasion. Legendary Birds Legend has it that six ravens must guard the Tower of London at all times or the monarchy [...]

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Bird Mitigation London

If you are suffering from the effects of uncontrolled pest birds, look no further than IPM Pest Control to provide the most effective bird mitigation London solutions available. It is most likely that you may well have seen bird mitigation techniques without realising what you are actually looking at and at IPM Pest Control, we [...]

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Bird Proofing Essex

The implementation of effective bird proofing solutions are vital if your business wishes to steer clear of the costly damage associated with uncontrolled pest bird activity. The team at IPM has a proven record for implementing the premier standard of bird proofing Essex has to offer to a wide range of clients in both the [...]

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Eco Bird Control London

IPM Pest Control offer a wide selection of effective eco bird control London solutions which create cost-effective bird deterrents offering lasting protection to any public or private building without harming the pest birds causing the problems. With the wide range of eco bird control systems available to us at IPM, we are ideally positioned to [...]

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