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What Makes Bed Bugs So Difficult To Remove?

If you are concerned about the presence of bed bugs in your home or business, you are right to be concerned. Whilst the presence of this stubborn pest can be unpleasant at home, for a hotel, B & B or similar, a bed bug infestation can lead to irreparable damage to a the reputation of [...]

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A Breakthrough in the Fight Against Bed Bugs?

These pesky pests are without doubt near the top of the list of most dreaded and persistent pests to invade our homes. However, new ground-breaking research may be about to offer a brand new way to effectively combat the nightmares caused by a bed beg infestation. No more itching! Scientists discover a 'cocktail of chemicals' [...]

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5 Common UK Pests

Whilst the UK remains relatively safe from some of the more exotic pests which plague other parts of the world, we are still faced with a c constant battle against a number of resilient pests (even during the winter months). Dealing with issues such as wasps nests and bees are very much seasonal, there are [...]

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Bed Bug Invasion!!!!

We all deserve to go to bed after a long day without worrying about unwanted guests having got there first!! 2 recent stories in the press both focus on the fact that we could be about to suffer one of the most unwelcome invasions imaginable – bed bugs! “BEDBUGS could be set to invade the [...]

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Invasion of the “Super Bed Bugs!!”

Never one to try and stir up a reaction, for once the UK press may actually be on to something with their recent headlines related to the presence of bed bugs - ''Super bed bug'' arrives in UK: Flea immune to pest control could mean a summer of scratching.  "The nation is in line for [...]

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