Why Does Flying Ant Day Happen?

Did you return home recently only to notice a significant increase in ant activity in and around the streets where you live? If so, you were party to an annual phenomenon known almost universally as 'flying ant day'. It is a strange quirk that most people have now grown to accept the fact that during [...]

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Are We Set For An Invasion of These???

The UK media loves a scary story involving pests but could they actually be on to something this time? A recent headline in the Daily Mirror stated the following – ‘Britain set for invasion of deadly pharaoh ants this summer - and other creepy crawlies’ For more on this story, please visit - Why [...]

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Here Come The Ants!

Many of us have faced this problem in the summer before. As the weather begins to improve, ants begin to make their presence felt.  Their is little doubt that a colony of black ants around the house, their infestation can cause problems. Home-owners should make sure that any work surfaces that may have crumbs, sugar [...]

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