Tackling Bird Control The Humane Way

For more years than we care to remember IPM Pest Control has been effectively tackling all types of bird problems and infestations within London and the surrounding areas. Often faced with pigeon and gull related problems, we also commonly received calls about pest issues caused by other birds including starlings, geese and crows. We are [...]

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Japanese Knotweed Removal Middlesex

To ensure effective and lasting results, Japanese knotweed removal is something that should be undertaken by a company who are regarded as specialists in this field. Japanese Knotweed is capable of growing at extraordinary rates (up to 10cm per day) and is found throughout all areas of the UK. It is a highly invasive weed [...]

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5 Rat Proofing Tips

Often referred to as the scourge of property owners throughout the UK, dealing with the problems caused by rats is a time honoured tradition for any reputable pest control company. Rats are known to carry a wide variety of harmful diseases, and therefore speed is of the essence if you suspect that rats of infiltrated [...]

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What Makes Bed Bugs So Difficult To Remove?

If you are concerned about the presence of bed bugs in your home or business, you are right to be concerned. Whilst the presence of this stubborn pest can be unpleasant at home, for a hotel, B & B or similar, a bed bug infestation can lead to irreparable damage to a the reputation of [...]

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A Simple Warning About Flies

It is not often that you will find someone who will argue with the fact that flies are a nuisance! For a variety of reasons, no-one likes to be pestered by the presence of these horrible little pests, not least because they are extremely annoying! Flies are annoying at any time and this is especially [...]

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