Client Problem

Case Study 4Our client had problems with feral pigeons sitting within the ornate features of the stained glass window of a Cathedral. These windows provided the pigeons with a valuable shelter and roosting point whereby, over a period of time, they created a build up of fouling to the stain glass window and brickwork which, due to the acidic properties of pigeon fouling, if left untreated, it would have damaged the brickwork and stained glass of this historic building.

Integrated Pest Management Solution

window2Using a mobile elevated work platform to safely access the windows, IPM carefully removed all pigeon fouling for safe disposal at an approved waste transfer station and fixed a stainless steel straining wire to the internal reveal of the window, on completion a 50mm black nylon pigeon netting was attached to the perimeter straining thus providing a taught and well installed net which is almost invisible from the ground. Take a close look at the pictures – you can hardly notice the net in place!!