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Bird Mitigation London

If you are suffering from the effects of uncontrolled pest birds, look no further than IPM Pest Control to provide the most effective bird mitigation London solutions available.

It is most likely that you may well have seen bird mitigation techniques without realising what you are actually looking at and at IPM Pest Control, we specialise in providing the most effective bird mitigation techniques available.

The application of reliable bird mitigation techniques are essential if you wish to prevent the expensive damage which may be caused by uncontrolled bird activity in your area and it is essential that if they are to be effective, bird mitigation systems must be designed for the type of bird and the type of location which is most appropriate for your individual circumstances.

Effective Bird Mitigation Strategies

Products & strategies such as bird netting and bird spikes can be bought and set up by our very own fully trained and experienced staff or we can offer the net and fixings for self application.

Setting up bird netting & bird spikes are 2 of the favourite, most effective and most humane methods of managing pigeon activity by making certain they are not able to land or roost on your residence. When set up accurately, pigeon netting and pigeon spikes can provide discreet and excellent insurance against damage caused by birds and can appear to be almost imperceptible from ground level.

Some of the other bird mitigation London methods, include:

  • Electric Shock Devices
  • Liquid Repellants
  • Spikes, Tension Wires, and Loops of Wire
  • Scare Devices
  • Sound Repellant Devices

Huge Levels of Potenial Damage

Bird droppings/Guano is known to cause extensive damage to buildings. Guano defaces & accelerates the deterioration of building components and can kill vegetation.

Pungent odour and aesthetic appearance can be unpleasant to building occupants and customers.  Financial losses can be significant due to associated costs including cleaning, repairs, and maintenance.

Feathers can plug ventilation units.  Birds also carry numerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans including dangerous fungi and airborne spores, which if inhaled, can cause serious illness.

Some of the issues that you may encounter by unchecked pigeon issues, include things like:

  •     The distribution of serious illnesses such as Ornithosis and Salmonella.
  •     Bird excrement causing pavements and entrances becoming slippery and harmful.
  •     Acidic droppings causing harm to vehicles and structural damage to structures.
  •     The creation of secondary infestations brought on by the existence of parasites in their nests and nest sites.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Utilizing our in-house installation support teams, IPM Pest Control have a full and detailed service working with all aspects of bird mitigation and control, including the installing of bird netting. In addition, we also operate a supply only Internet and mail order service (The Pest Control Store) for the construction industry or DIY installer.

We also offer a extensive pest control management service to residential and blue chip firms within all areas of London  and the home counties and have provided a wide range of pest control management products / resources for the home user.

We take great satisfaction in our capacity to provide an all round service which supplies immediate and highly effective benefits time upon time and also have attained a reputation which is second to none because of this level of service.

More Information

If you would like to receive any more information from IPM Pest Control with regards to our bird mitigation methods, please don’t hesitate get in touch with us and our friendly and helpful team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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