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5 Problems Posed By Pigeons That Need An Effective Solution

When it comes to pigeons, there are those who love them and others that hate them. The question that we will pose in this article is not whether the presence of this pest bird is good or bad, but rather which problems that are caused when too many pigeons congregate around a particular area. No. [...]

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How Big Was This Wasp Nest???

Whilst the threat posed by wasps is very unlikely to occupy thoughts during the winter, it could be the perfect time to explore your lofts and attics to ensure that you did not have any unwanted guest making themselves at home during the past summer months. A story in the press some time ago highlighted [...]

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A Breakthrough in the Fight Against Bed Bugs?

These pesky pests are without doubt near the top of the list of most dreaded and persistent pests to invade our homes. However, new ground-breaking research may be about to offer a brand new way to effectively combat the nightmares caused by a bed beg infestation. No more itching! Scientists discover a 'cocktail of chemicals' [...]

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5 Common UK Pests

Whilst the UK remains relatively safe from some of the more exotic pests which plague other parts of the world, we are still faced with a c constant battle against a number of resilient pests (even during the winter months). Dealing with issues such as wasps nests and bees are very much seasonal, there are [...]

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Taking Control of the Situation

Welcome to IPM Pest Control. We place a strong emphasis on acting in a preventative rather than reactive capacity and take great pride in our ability to provide a pest prevention service designed to eradicate the risk of expensive damage to materials or possible contamination of our client's products. Keeping Reputations in Tact Pest infestations [...]

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