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Introducing a New Type of Wasp!

The video below explores the life of the wasps that so many UK households are familiar with. However, a recent story has identified a new species which may have come straight from the pages of a Harry Potter Novel Fact or Fiction Known for their ominous appearance and their ability to suck the life out [...]

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Why Does Flying Ant Day Happen?

Did you return home recently only to notice a significant increase in ant activity in and around the streets where you live? If so, you were party to an annual phenomenon known almost universally as 'flying ant day'. It is a strange quirk that most people have now grown to accept the fact that during [...]

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Outsourcing Specialist Work

At IPM Pest Control, we take great pride in our ability to provide property and facilities management companies the opportunity to outsource specialist services to us. Why Would Companies Do This? There are many reasons why facilities management companies may choose to outsource this particular line of work but by far the most common is [...]

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Say Goodbye to Pigeon Trouble

Pigeon netting offers one of the most effective, humane and commonly used methods for preventing pigeons from roosting or nesting in urban areas. If installed correctly, pigeon netting will last for a significant period of time whilst remaining almost invisible from the ground at all times. Exceptional Success Rate At IPM Pest Control, pigeon netting is [...]

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Prevention Rather Than Cure

Upon completion of a pest control project, IPM Pest Control offer an after care pest proofing service which has been designed to deny rodents further ingress into your property. How and why do the mice get into my property? Rodents, much like humans like to be warm, dry and have a possible regular food source. [...]

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