Are The Numbers of German Cockroaches on the Rise?

//Are The Numbers of German Cockroaches on the Rise?

Are The Numbers of German Cockroaches on the Rise?

German Cockroach Removal London

The past few months have seen the number of calls we receive relating to problems with German cockroaches increase significantly.

Whilst this may seem a little surprising considering outbreaks are more commonly associated with the summer months, the fact that German cockroaches are so difficult to eradicate, especially in blocks of flats and apartments (because it is necessary to gain entry to all apartments in order to deal with the situation successfully).

An infestation in food outlets such as cafes and restaurants can prove to be equally troublesome to deal with as nearly all business owners are very conscious about keeping this problem under wraps.

How To Say Goodbye to Cockroach Problems

The secret of how to deal with German cockroach infestations resides in the effectiveness of the methods implemented.

A combination of the new insecticides which are now available and the experience and skills of our pest control technicians to use them have proven to be a winning formula for the team at IPM.

It is only through years of experience that we have been able to gain a thorough understanding of the biology and habits of German cockroaches, allowing us to quickly, quietly and effectively eradicate any infestation that we are called upon to deal with.

The size of an infestation can vary widely and can range from as small as a dozen or so, or as large as thousands, depending on the food available and the length of time the infestation has been increasing. One thing that we can say for certain though is that if you find one cockroach in your premises it will not be alone.

We strongly advise against attempting to tackle any German cockroach infestation yourself, instead leave it to the experts and give us a call.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the cockroach removal services available from IPM Pest Control, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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