IPM Pest Control and our team of pest control experts offer a variety of effective solutions designed to quickly combat the threat to humans and pets posed by the presence of urban foxes in the London area.

Foxes damage many things, from eating fruits and vegetables, digging in flower beds, and tearing up gardens and because of this, they are a problem which should quickly be rectified.

No-one enjoys fox related problems and the team at IPM offer the leading level of fox pest control London has to offer.An Urban Issue

Health Hazard

Foxes present a significant health hazard do to the fact that they are known carriers of diseases including scabies which can be transferred to humans. This persistent pest possesses predator instincts and can pose a substantial risk to any pets or live stock you may have.

Our team of London Pest controllers are fully qualified to deal with fox control and use advanced techniques to remove pests.

We seek to utilise the most ethical solution 100% of the time ensuring that no harm will come to this protected species.

Growing Population

For a variety of reasons, foxes are not a species which should be allowed to continually reside in London. The population has grown to a stage that there are now an estimated 25000 and 30000 animals within the UK, and without swift and effective pest control, there is every reason to expect an increase in the number of reported incidents.

Effective Solutions

The red fox is native to the British Isles, and is now widespread throughout nearly all areas of Britain. It has a very adaptable and opportunistic nature, which has helped to ensure its survival and has also significantly contributed towards the persistent nuisance for London residents.

It is not just urban areas which are effected, rural areas of also subject to fox related problems causing problems to arise where livestock or game animals are kept.

There are many different solutions which we can utilise to attain effective control. These include:

  • Humane trapping
  • Deterrence systems
  • Proofing

For more information regarding these individual solutions, please give our team a call on Tel. No. 01992 763776.

We can control foxes using live catch traps that are baited and set in areas of known fox activity.