5 Reasons To Choose Humane Pest Control Methods

//5 Reasons To Choose Humane Pest Control Methods

5 Reasons To Choose Humane Pest Control Methods

Welcome to IPM Pest Control, the number one provider of pest control in the South East. Not only do we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of pest control solutions, we also place a very strong focus on ensuring that all of our pest control measures are humane.

To help you understand why we choose to focus on humane pest control, we have outlined our top 5 reasons below:

1. It Only Targets The Right Areas

Whilst we have the ability to make the distinction between problem pests and all other creatures, pesticides and traps are not that careful. Only by the implementation of IPM Pest Controlhumane pest control solutions can we ensure that we only target the pests as opposed to harming animals that should not be effected.

2. Keeping Your Family Safe

It should not be forgotten that any pest control option which can be considered to be dangerous for a pest can often be dangerous for humans as well. Pesticides contain harsh chemicals that are harmful if touched or swallowed and although you will be aware of exactly where they may have been used, would you be happy to take the risk of a loved one or innocent animal coming into direct contact with them?

Humane pest solutions eradicate this issue because you can be sure that if it will not harm the pest, it will not harm you.

3. They Are Environmentally Friendly

With a stronger emphasis on green solutions than ever before, there is no reason that pest control should be exempt from an environmentally friendly focus. Humane solutions don’t pollute the environment like toxic pesticides.

4. They Are Cost & Time Effective 

There can be no doubt that pest control will prove to be expensive if it is ineffective. Many fatal traps can only be used once ensuring that they need to be consistently replaced. However, whilst these types of treatment will end up costing you money and time, humane solutions nearly always just involve a single installation and will remain effective for several years with very little maintenance required.

A great example of this type of pest control would be our range of bird control solutions including netting, spikes and Avishock.

5. You Don’t Have to Clean Up the Mess!

With humane pest solutions, you will have the added bonus of not having to clear up the dead (or worse – nearly dead) that have been targeted by the pest control solution. Although some humane solutions do involve trapping and releasing live animals, the ones that drive pests away with fear or irritation or generally more popular.

It is essential that you remember that just because humane pest control does not cause suffering or death to the pest in question, it will not prove to be any less successful.

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