Often referred to as the scourge of property owners throughout the UK, dealing with the problems caused by rats is a time honoured tradition for any reputable pest control company.

Rats are known to carry a wide variety of harmful diseases, and therefore speed is of the essence if you suspect that rats of infiltrated your property.

Despite being a persistent disease spreading nuisance, not everybody opts to leave the job to the professionals. Fortunately though, help is at hand in the form of the 5 different rat control methods that you will find detailed below.

Tip 1 – Traps

  • There are a number of DIY rat traps which can be purchased either on line or from DIY shops which offer a non lethal way of catching rats. This is unfortunately lead to the problem of once5 Rat Proofing Tips you have caught it, what do you do with it!? A popular option is driving into the countryside many miles away from their property to release the rats back into the wild.
  • The alternative to non lethal traps of course are ones that offer a lethal remedy. These traps vary from the basic snap traps to more sophisticated electronic ones which kill the rats instantly through an electric shock.

Tip 2 – Buy a Cat!

It may sound like a joke but the truth is that if you want to ensure that your property stays rat free, a feline presence can prove to be highly effective. Cats patrolling your home and garden will ensure that if you have a rat problem, it is unlikely to remain a problem for long.

Tip 3 –  Chemical Control

There are various rodenticides you can buy from DIY shops. The big downside to these is they can be poisonous not just to rats but humans and pets too. If you’re not used to handling strong chemicals, this method is best avoided.

Tip 4 – Rat Proof Your Property

If you’re being consistently bothered by rats getting into your home, we strongly recommend taking a look around your property to pinpoint any areas of weakness which the rats may be able to exploit to sneak in. Rats are notorious for squeezing through the smallest of spaces, especially if they smell food, so some home maintenance may be in order to stop them in their tracks and keep them outside where they belong.

Tip 5 – Turn To Professional Pest Control

As a proven pest control company, we guarantee to take care of your rat problem by implementing the most suitable method for your home and individual preferences.

What’s more, we will identify any nearby rats nests and get rid of those too so you don’t get a recurring infestation in your home.

Further Information

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