When it comes to pigeons, there are those who love them and others that hate them. The question that we will pose in this article is not whether the presence of this pest bird is good or bad, but rather which problems that are caused when too many pigeons congregate around a particular area.

No. 1 – For many businesses, pigeons cause a great deal of damage every year. This damage can be costly, and in some cases puts the businesses under a threat of being closed should they fail to fix the issues.

As these birds are a descendant to homing birds, they are comfortable living in buildings and other places built by mankind. They are also naturally comfortable being 5 Problems Posed By Pigeons That Need An Effective Solutionaround humans and eating a wide range of food.

Some kinds of pigeons need very little food, which makes it easy for them to live in cities where food is regularly available. The problem comes from damage they do and health risk that they pose. It is common for pigeons to spread Salmonella and E.Coli. In big cities this is an issue that can spread quickly and become a major problem.

No. 2 – These birds build nesting areas inside buildings and when left undisturbed become infested by fleas and bird mites. Their droppings create pollution and health hazards for small children and pets.

No. 3 – Businesses often incur damage cost related to lost and un-salvageable goods as well as damaged property. Uric acids that can corrode metals and other building material which leads to costly repairs come from their faeces. This in turn drives up cost of insurance to cover such issues.

When pigeons become a problem for manufacturers, their machinery can be broken from debris that accumulates from nesting areas. The constant problems of bird droppings can cause customers to lower their opinion of the company. Accidents sometimes occur from slipping on the droppings.

No. 4 – When the problem is big enough, the uncleanliness becomes an issue. Some of the serious health hazards that are created are the diseases of meningitis, encephalitis among others earlier mentioned.

No. 5 – These birds are known to cry out which adds to noise pollution. While it is surprising to many, the pigeon is known to be aggressive against humans when they have young babies near. If a person happens to come to close, pigeons have been known to attack the person without their even known the reason that spurred the attack.

Pigeons carry mites that can cause severe skin rashes and skin disease. Their feathers carry dust that can cause difficulty in breathing and other allergic reactions. Often the large populations of pigeons drive away smaller birds. The diseases they carry not only affect humans but other bird populations.

It is no longer a matter of whether we like pigeons or not. Any animals that have a dangerous over growth to their population must be controlled for all concerned.