Three of the Most Common UK Household Pests

Let’s face it, it is very distressing when you realize that you have an infestation in your home. This can be even worse if you are not aware on how to deal with the tricky problem. In the UK, there are many different parasites and insects that can infest your home. However, no matter the [...]

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The Danger Caused By Rats – Homeowners Beware

Rats can be quite dangerous and the most difficult for an average homeowner to eradicate, without the right professional help. Rats are fairly large creatures compared to the other normal household pests and cause a fair bit of revulsion among most people confronted with them. Rats can cause a home to have many problems, one [...]

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5 Problems Posed By Pigeons That Need An Effective Solution

When it comes to pigeons, there are those who love them and others that hate them. The question that we will pose in this article is not whether the presence of this pest bird is good or bad, but rather which problems that are caused when too many pigeons congregate around a particular area. No. [...]

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Taking Control of the Situation

Welcome to IPM Pest Control. We place a strong emphasis on acting in a preventative rather than reactive capacity and take great pride in our ability to provide a pest prevention service designed to eradicate the risk of expensive damage to materials or possible contamination of our client's products. Keeping Reputations in Tact Pest infestations [...]

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Winter Gull Problems

An RSPB report highlighted the fact that seagull complaints are at highest for a decade. “Aggressive seagull attacks are on the rise duchy and people are taking extreme approaches to deal with them. From tales of shocking horror as seagulls are lured to their deaths under the wheels of passing cars, to fed up postmen [...]

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