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The Key To Controlling Invasive Pests?

Invasive pests have been at the root of many problems for large areas of the UK for an extensive period of time. However, scientists have developed a way to identify island habitats that face the greatest threat from invasive pests, such as rats and feral cats. A BBC story highlighted that a team of research [...]

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Pest Control Is Still Important During The Winter

There is a common school of thought that pest control during the winter is a waste of money. After all, who has ever heard of pests causing a problem during the cold weather??? The truth however is often very different, for many pest control companies, winter can prove to be an equally busy time of [...]

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5 Common UK Pests

Whilst the UK remains relatively safe from some of the more exotic pests which plague other parts of the world, we are still faced with a c constant battle against a number of resilient pests (even during the winter months). Dealing with issues such as wasps nests and bees are very much seasonal, there are [...]

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How Would You Feel Returning Home To This?

Pest Control issues can present themselves in huge variety of different situations but the problem outlined below is certainly an unusual one. “Devastated couple’s maggot plague fury” “A couple were horrified when they returned home from holiday to discover their house infested by maggots. Shocked Paul and Janet Chaplin, of Windsor Drive, Brinscall, say they [...]

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Effective Pest Removal

Welcome to IPM Pest Control. We are an independent pest management company based in London with a reputation for being one of London’s most trusted and reliable solutions to the areas pest issues. With an expert team of highly trained and experienced technicians at our disposal, we can ensure that we are never too far [...]

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